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RE: Load Testing

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>Is there an ASTM or other industry standard which defines how such a
>test should be performed?  Does anyone else have experience in load
>testing - are there any "do's" or "don'ts"?
One of the "don'ts" is don't make a seriously strong connection between 
service performance and the capacity of a new structure to resist one 
application of a load that it will probably never see again. The pressure 
vessel biz is full of people who believe that the shop hydro-test insures 
safety and service suitability. 'Tain't so McGee. Many load cycles and 
environmental effects (and weird stuff like unforseen thermal expansion) 
usually mean that cyclic load resistance, not ultimate strength is the 

And don't forget to check the structure real carefully afterward for 
hidden damage that might affect future service. That solid sound when you 
slam the door on your new car doesn't mean the hinges aren't going to 
wear out.

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