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RE: Artificial Time Histories Generation

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On Wed, 20 May 1998 10:01:00 +0200
Peter Rangelow wrote:
> I contacted NICEE almost an year ago and inquiered about SIMQKE-II.
> They answered that the software costs $5100 for "commercial purposes"
> (see my correspondence below). You can contact NICEE for the most
> recent price at (see for phone and fax numbers bellow):
> 	info(--nospam--at)
> I inquired about a cheaper software, here in this list, two weeks ago.
> I was recommended the following software:
> (1) PSEQGN, by Ruiz and Penzien, $200 ...
> (2) SYNTH, by Naumoski, $270 ...

I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier.  The program SIMQKE (not 
SIMQKE-II) is still available for $100 in the U.S. ($200 abroad) from 
NISEE.  According to the person I spoke with at NISEE, the only 
significant difference is that SIMQKE-II more correctly attenuates 
ground motions away from the site; for most structures the spatial 
variation of time history is not significant.  Both programs produce 
a suite of ground motions that when averaged match a smoothed 
spectrum.  The NISEE representative also indicated that they are 
negotiating with Princeton to reduce the cost of SIMQKE-II by an 
order of magnitude; the new price should be in place by next month.  
You can still order SIMQKE at the original prices.  You can order by 
phone by phoning (510) 642-5113.  If you pay by credit card, they 
will email the software and mail floppies and manuals.  I ordered 
this software today and will try to report on its usefulness after I 
find time to try it.

-Mike Valley

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