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RE: Artificial Time Histories Generation

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Dr. Rangelow :

Thank you very much for the information, I'm going to contact Dr. Naumoski
to get his software. I would really appreciate any details of your
experience with this software. 
Here in Peru, our new seismic code requests a Time History analisys for
special structures with at least five seismic registers of real earthquakes
or artificially generated. Due we don't have the information for real
earthquakes, we would like to create artificial registers. 
If you know about digital eartquake registers available of any place I
would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Walter Sheen, CE
Lima, Peru

At 10:01 20/05/98 +0200, you wrote:
>I contacted NICEE almost an year ago and inquiered about SIMQKE-II.
>They answered that the software costs $5100 for "commercial purposes"
>(see my correspondence below). You can contact NICEE for the most
>recent price at (see for phone and fax numbers bellow):
>	info(--nospam--at)
>I inquired about a cheaper software, here in this list, two weeks ago.
>I was recommended the following software:
>(1) PSEQGN, by Ruiz and Penzien, $200, this program generates
>      However, it cannot generate time-histories matching a target spectrum.
>(2) SYNTH, by Naumoski, $270, this program generates time-histories
>      matching any target spectrum.
>      Input:      	a target spectrum in digital form + an accelerogram
>      Results:   	- the input accelerogram is scaled (if necessary)
>                    	- the spectrum of the input accelerogram is computed
>and compared with
>                   	  the target spectrum for prescribed periods (all
>happens in time domain).
>                    	- the ratio between the target and the computed
>spectral ordinates is calculated.
>                     	- the ordinates of the computed spectrum are
>iteratively suppressed/raised by
>                       	  reducing/increasing the Fourier coefficients at
>the j-th Period by the calculated ratios.
>                         	- only the Fourier amplitude spectrum is
>changed during the iteration process, i.e.
>                       	  the phases of the Fourier components of the final
>are the same as those of the
>                        	  initial accelerogram.
>      I decided to purchase this program because it is quite flexible and
>the results are quite good for me.
>      Dr. Naumoski generated two accelerograms as a demo for me - that's is
>the background for my opinion.
>      I will post more deatails about this program once I have some
>experience with it ( if interest is available)
>      If you would like to contact Dr. Naumoski, here is his email address:
>Best regards,
>======================= your mail from 05/20/98
>Mr. Peter Rangelow
>I read your e-mail in the SEAOC list, and I would appreciate if you could
>tell me where to get information about the SIMKQE-software -, because we
>have sort of the same problem here.
>Best regards,
>Walter Sheen, CE
>Lima, Peru
>================= NISEE response to my mail from 08/25/97 ===========
>Thank you for your inquiry. The cost of the program is $1,100. for
>non-commercial purposes and $ 5100 for commercial purposes. Your request is
>being forwarded to Princeton University for further processing. When a
>license agreement has been executed and payment made, we will be instructed
>to send you the program.
>					Sincerely,
>					Mary MacCready, NISEE
>At 09:26 AM 8/25/97 +0200, you wrote:
>>Dear Sir or Madam,
>>In the August '97 EERI Newsletter (I am an EERI member)
>>I read about the release of SIMQKE-II.
>>Is your software a freeware?
>>If it is, I would appreciate it very much if you could send me a copy.
>>Best regards,
>>Peter Rangelow
>>Dr. Peter Rangelow
>>Hochtief AG, Abt. IKS
>>Bockenheimer Landstr. 24
>>60323 Frankfurt
>>Phone:	+(49-69) 7117-2539
>>Fax:	+(49-69) 7117-2782
>>Email:	rangelow.peter(--nospam--at)
>info(--nospam--at)	NISEE/Computer Applications
>                                    375 Davis Hall - MC1792
>Tel: 510-642-5113                  University of California
>Fax: 510-643-9400                  Berkeley, CA  94720-1792