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Re: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough!

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> I just got off the telephone with a friend of mine who does
> architectural design. Her client, the developer specified the person
> to do the structural engineering. Apparently, this person is an
> architect, but has done structural engineering for years. This
> particular project is a 17 house mini-tract. My friend has gotten
> the engineering and is pretty shocked by what she has seen. Mind
> you, she doesn't know anything about engineering (nor claims to).
> All she can do is to compare what she sees and compares it to the
> work provided by her "regular" engineer. We discussed the work
> briefly and she noticed that there are no hold downs on the entire
> job (a few LCBs here and there) as well as 2'-6" shear piers on
> either side of the garage openings (with no hold downs). She told me
> that the developers and contractors in her area like to use this
> person because construction costs are much lower. No doubt. BTW, the
> project is located in LA County. I can't/won't get into specifics
> due to the potential legal issues, but this is totally absurd. What
> will it take to get BORPELS to tighten the regulations on who can do
> structural engineering (especially in seismic zone 4)?
> Regards,
> Bill Allen
BORPELS can only regulate engineers and land surveyors. They have no 
authority over architects. If the designer is an Architect and the 
work shows a lack of competency, the complaint should be directed to 
the Board of Architectural Examiners (CBAE). Of course, if the work 
is inadequate, even if not incompetent, the Building Official should 
reject it, regardless of the seismic zone or the license status of 
the designer.