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Speaking as one individual, I do not think that it is appropriate to use
this listserver for chain letters.  Please find another avenue for this kind
of stuff.

Kent Estes S.E.

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	Subject: 800000 dollars in 3 month
	Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 19:02:42 +0200
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	Hello to all who receive this email,

	Hello! I am a struggling want to be Med student who is trying to
	find a way to pay for all the schooling ahead. A while back, John
	me the following letter which I am now sending to you. Go ahead and
read =
	It really does work! If you want to find out how I am doing, follow
	instructions when you send your dollar and I will let you know.
	Thanks for giving this a shot - like he said what have you got to
	After you lost all your money to tax season, wouldn't it be nice to
	some back and for only $6?


	Greetings pbradley I am a retired attorney, and about two years ago
a man
	came to me with a letter. The letter he brought me is basically the
same =