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RE: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough!

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Robert, I'll bet the panels are 2'-8" wide as allowed by section 2326.11.4
Alternate braced wall panels. Based upon the original letter, it would seem
that this might be in line with Conventional Framing standards.
On a side note, I took some pictures of four homes under construction by the
same developer / contractor. These were located down the block from my home.
The same conditions existed in these homes as Bill's designer described.
When I spoke with the building official, he simply shook his head and
indicated that they were in compliance with Conventional framing and,
although he did not like it, was bound to accept it.


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Dennis is probably correct that the conventional framing provisions
in the code are the primary culprit.  However, I do not think  2'6"
wide shear panels would comply with these reduced criteria and thus
there would appear to be some incompetence as Bill suggest