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RE: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough!

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We are fortunate that even the minimum worst case Conventional framing code
has not caused a loss of life in the United States. I suspect the problem in
Iran has to do with no code compliance standard rather than a minimum
prescriptive measure.
Financial responsibility is still and important issue for damage repair and
possible mitigation of damage design.
For those unfamiliar (and others on this list can give you better specifics
about this), the structural engineering community is not the governing
authority for acceptance of this or any other code. We do not work on this
code alone, but have committee members from other industries who have their
own self-serving agenda's.
Because of this, structural engineers have only a limited number of votes
available to them - not enough to tip the scales alone.
Therefore, we need friends with voting power. Our biggest ally would be the
insurance industry who does have a vote on ICBO floor.

I am thankful that Bill's post opened the eyes of many of you who would
normally ignore my Conventional framing posts as the ranting of a zealous
advocate for engineering work on single family residences.
I believe that many of you are now aware how this provision can be used to
cheat the public out of their expectation for the same level of performance
that another, honest, developer might provide for the same sales price
albeit a tighter profit margin.


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Hi everybody !

    It shocking to hear that this sort of structural practice is still not
in the US.

     this sort of mentality on part of some property developers has had
catastrophic consequences in my country Iran (the situation here is the same
UBC zone 4). People without proper structural training have made a mess here
it's costing many  lives  (25000 alone in the 1990 earthquake, 1600 this
Untrained people have been bared years ago. I think swift action is needed
prevent any loss of lives and its up to you to pressure the authorities into
taking action.

Sassan Parhizgari
Structural Engineer