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RE: Diaphram Design

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The Army TM 5-809-10 (NAVFAC P-355, AFM 88-3 Chapter 15) titled Seismic
Design for Buildings chapter 5 is another source, although I am not
thinking you will find it any easier to follow. Covers all types of
diaphragms . . .

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>Subject:	Diaphram Design
>I am looking for a good technical publication / text book on designing
>diaphragms.  Specifically I would like a reference for bare metal deck
>diaphragms and concrete filled diaphragms.  I want one that adequately
>explains deflection and how to design diaphragms with openings.  I have a
>copy of SDI 2nd edition Diaphragm Design Manual.  IMO it is very poorly
>organized and hard to follow.  I have been to their web site and don't see
>any other references.
>Does anybody have some suggestions?
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