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Re: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough

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>> Are you in the process of upgrading your house to meet current  codes?
> this sort of mentality is dangerous. Yes I'm also living in a non engineered
> house with no apparent damage, BUT   I've also seen 
> damage done by a full scale earthquake. If any one reads the EEFIT report on
> the 1990 earthquake in Iran (7.3 - 7.7 on the Richter scale ) will clearly
> get the point. out of a small city only three structures where still
> Many of the demolished structures where less than 10 years old and a clear
> majority of the buildings where built with good quality construction
> material. Lack of structural knowledge or poor workmanship on part of the
> builders resulted in a tragedy. The same applies to the Armenian
> The whole concept of earthquake engineering is not to end up as a
> Sassan Parhizgari, SE 
> Shiraz, Iran 
> P.S. The details of the report I mentioned is: 
> "Engineering Aspects of the Manjil, Iran earthquake of 20 June 1990, a field
> report by EEFIT" 
> By: Mahmoud R. Maheri 
> EEFIT (Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team) 
> Institute of Structural Engineers 
> 11 Upper Belgrave Street 
> London SW1X 8BH 
> UK