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Code Change Monographs

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     I failed to post the date for the proposed code change monograph. This 
     monograph was available mid March for the April hearings in 
     The monograph covered the International Energy Conservation Code 
     (IECC), the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC), the International 
     Mechanical Code (IMC), the International Plumbing Code (IPC), the 
     International Private Sewage Code (IPSDC), the Interational Zoning 
     Code (IZC)  
     The committee took action on these items and the assembly voted on 
     them. The report of the committee (the monograph) is at the printers 
     and is scheduled to be available on May 29, 1998. If you are a member 
     of ICBO, BOCA, or SBCCI you should be able to fax or write and request 
     a copy.  
     After you review the work of the committee you may wish to challenge. 
     The challenges are due by June 29, 1998 and the challenge agenda will 
     be available the first week of August 1998. The challenges will be 
     heard at the Annual Meetings of ICBO, BOCA and SBCCI. ICBO's meeting 
     is in San Diego in September, 1998. 
     The committees also held a public comment period in Alexandria on the 
     IBC, IFC and IRC. The comments were not code changes so they will be 
     worked into the existing draft and the result will be reissued as a 
     new draft document at the end of July, 1998.
     David D