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Conventional Framing Provisions in IBC

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     The conventional framing provisions of the IBC are the responsibility 
     of the structural sub-committee (of the IBC). The ICBO staff liaison 
     for this activity is Shirin Ader. You can direct comments to her at 
        Shirin Ader 
        5360 Workman Mill Rd
        Whittier, CA 90601-2298
     There was a public comment forum in Alexandria VA for the IBC, IFC and 
     IRC (Building, Fire and Residential) The comments heard there will be 
     reviewed by the committee and used to update the draft copies of the 
     codes. The next version of the IBC, IFC, and IRC will be called the 
     final draft and should be available around the end of July. I'll post 
     when its available. You will be able to fax or write to ICBO to 
     request a copy. (especially members)
     David Dodgen
     Dennis Wish wrote
     Can you indicate where engineers should submit their comments 
     regarding the IBC? I have submitted my comments to an individual who 
     was recommended to me (I don't remember at the moment who that was) as 
     well as to my local chapter of SEA. I do not know where or if it was 
     received and reviewed since I did not get a response.
     If we have comments, can you or anyone provide us either an address or 
     email address (or fax number) where we can submit our comments 
     directly to those who will evaluate them. In my case, I am concerned 
     with the Conventional Framing section of the Wood chapter.