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RE: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough

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Maybe a better source of responses would be from the building officials
(engineers and inspectors) who performed the arduous task of identifying
unsafe structures after the Northridge E/Q. Subsequent to these inspections,
the City of Los Angeles came out with a highly prescriptive method of
providing a lateral load path some of which has been adopted into the UBC.

In response to the implied "where are the bodies" comment, keep in mind that
Northridge was a 6 point something E/Q. As you are in the Bay Area, we have
this sleeping monster near us called the San Andreas. From some of the
documents I have read, the southern section of the San Andreas is capable of
something like an 8.5. I realize that it is extremely difficult to develop a
design document which extrapolates data to an event that is 100 times more
powerful than Northridge, but most agree that it is a very probable event.

I'm sorry, but allowing practices like the Conventional Framing Provisions
and allowing architects and civil-civils to do structural engineering in
seismic zone 4 are, IMO, worst case negligent and best case guilty of
enveloping their intelligence organ (such as it is) in a silicon medium.

Bill Allen

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Readers who can answer yes to the question of damaged houses, please provide
short post to this thread.  I'd be surprised if more than a dozen responses
appear out of the six thousand members of this listserv.

Frank Lew, SE
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(I'll skip the motto since Bill Allen referenced it earlier in this thread)