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Re: glu-lams and termite damage

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Roger Turk wrote:

> Mike,
>   Also, at the middle of the span, absent significant wind uplift,

> the top of the beam is in compression which means that finger

> joints are not necessary there.

> Michael Cochran wrote:
> . > In my particular case I have an existing glu-lam beam,  50 foot
> backspan
> . > with a 11 foot cantilever that has termite damage at the midspan
> of the
> . > backspan.

Is it safe to assume the load on the cantilever is comparision to
the backspan.  If so, I agree with the
top being in compression, if the 11 ft cantilever is
supporting a balcony, or an A.C. unit, you may have another
situation, outside of wind uplift.

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