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RE: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough!

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If you go back and look at my response to the "$10 dues increase" issue, I
was more upset about what I got for not only the $10 increase (with little
justification) but the entire dues as well. I have stated many times that if
the dues were even more than they are now but the association represented
the interests of the professionals as well as the profession they would more
likely get my support.

No, my post was not a spoof. If the issue is that we would have an uphill
battle ($) with AIA, etc., then that should be identified. Based on some of
the conversations with my architectural colleagues, I believe there is some
room to negotiate to possibly get AIA on our side. Of course, this would
involve a reciprocal agreement such that structural engineers would no
longer practice architecture. With regards to fighting NAHB, etc., an effort
could be assembled to demonstrate an increase in public safety as well as a
decrease in potential property damage which should get the state legislature
and the insurance industry on our side to counterbalance the trade

Unfortunately who I see as a greater enemy than AIA, NAHB, the state
legislature, et. al. are us. We are typically quick to discuss these issues
between ourselves, argue the merits pro and con until we are blue in the
face. However, when it comes down to leaving the cuccoon and go outside to
take some action, for some reason the energy level drops dramatically. We
cannot even get the attention of our association (even to respond "it would
cost too much to do this", or "it would cost $xxx to do this, can we
increase the dues by $xx to fight this?") to look into this and other,
non-technical issues on our behalf. I have seen no published meeting notes
where these types of issues have been discussed or considered to be put to a
vote by the membership. I have heard rumors and hearsay that these types of
discussions take place, but if so, it is done in very small circles.

Unfortunately, Frank, I believe your opinion represents the (do nothing)

Bill Allen

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You are spoofing us, right?  No one can be that politically naive in trying
tilt at windmills.  Just look at the annual dues paid by members of AIA,
etc, and at the amounts of PAC money these outfits contribute.  In contrast,
SEAOC members recently bitched about paying $10 more dues, when their total
dues are a fraction of those of AIA members.

If you weren't spoofing, then dream on.

Frank Lew, SE
Orinda, CA