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Re: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough

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IMHO marketing is what it comes down to in the end.  Housing track developers
might consider buying into a concept similar to what you propose with some
polishing of the sales pitch.  Just add it to the available options list along
with the carpet upgrade, the comerical appliance upgrade, etc. that the buyer
can select!

The "S-Model" Home Option 

Although all our homes are designed and constructed in strict accordance with
the seismic standards required by the coventional framing provisions of the
current building code, for an additional cost of $XXXX.XX the contractor will
perform additional engineered construction to bring the home up to the seismic
design standards required for comerical buildings.

For those who select our S-Model Option, a Certificate signed by the EOR
attesting to the enhanced seismic performance design and construction of the
home will be provided.  The certificate may possibly be used to lower your
earthquake insurance premimun and decutable limit.

Bob Conley, P.E.