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Re: Conventional Construction

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I agree with Bob Bossi about Frank's realistic view. 

But I'm not giving up. I posted my opinion on this issue a the last time this
thread was on(not this series) and my position is to attack it from the short
range solution point of view. We know that any change to the code will not be
effective until it is adopted by the building department. While waiting for
this to happen, I suggest the following(just like what I suggested the last

1. Let us prepare an addendum, revision, modifications or opinion on what is
missing or inadequate about the Conventional Framing Provisions of the Code.

2. Let us present solutions to solve these inadequacies. This could be in
written form or in the form detailed sketches.

3. Let us submit these problems and solutions to the different building
departments. All of them or only in our area.

4. Let us request them to review these and if possible enforce them. We can
suggest that if enforcement is not possible right away, inclusion of these
revisions as "Suggested Recomendations" to those plans using the Conventional
Framing Provisions "Until such time that they are adopted and enforced by the
Building Official".

We can pool our resources in this listserve and combine all our opinions and
suggestions, summarize and prepare a comprehensive presentation so that it may
have some sense of power by numbers, and present them to the different
Building Departments, appropriate Organizations and other Persons responsible
for its implemantation. 

Again, this is my opinion and sugggestion from an intermediate solution time

Ernie Natividad