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To Dennis,

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Dear Dennis,

What is the last great bastion of the scoundrel :: Advertising.

What do you listen to on the way to work in morning,  :: Radio

Can you afford to advertise  :: Nah no-one listens

Can you run a competetion ::  Why not

On Radio:: why not

Do people listen does it make them think  :: It does me even if i can never
get through or answer the bloody questions always want to know the answer.


Pick a big radio station organize for seoac to run a compettion on radio.

Ask simple questions that get your point across that wives can understand
and guess at

::  How many bolts does it take to hold down a 10 sq house against a tornado
::  They have to guess.

Correct enrty gets $100.00 say.  ( if you run 6 guess per day probably cost
you $100 per day)

You get cheap advertizing.  Walt Disney does it in Australia with 101

Point is put out your logo on houses that have bben designed to your
criteria and get the buying public up top speed on what they ned to know.
To run parallel with competetion.  Have a big prize at end fro people to
guess say the number of cents diffeernce between a house designed to correct
rules and one not.

give away a car or a trip etc.

just a thought.

John Nichols