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e-mailing AutoCAD drawings

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>Does anyone use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with whom you can
e-mail 1 MB+ AutoCAD
drawings quickly?  i.e. less than 5 minutes.  My ISP is the Microsoft
Network (MSN) and it
takes about an hour to send a 1 MB zipped AutoCAD file.  I'd like to change
to a faster
ISP if anyone has had a good experience with one.<

I have found that it's really a crapshoot. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes and
sometimes 1 hour (I'm on compuserve. Are they my ISP?)

Furthermore, I have found that the ones that take an hour are usually
corrupted when they get to their destination, and I have to send them
again, anyway.

I know this doesn't help much, but thought I'd u tin my 2 cents worth

Kate O'Brien