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Composite/Light gauge construction

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>>The contractor has come back with a design utilizing all light gauge
framing and says it's much cheaper.  I talked with the person designing the
light gauge and it turns out that they are screwing a clip @16" o.c. to the
top flange of the 10"C  to utilize composite action (he's using a 2" slab).
 Have any of yall ever heard of considering light gauge with composite
action.  This method doesn't really give me a "warm fuzzy" feeling.<<

1. I have never heard of a light gauge/composite action design (although
maybe someone else has).
2. I think you would need more than a clip at 16" to achieve the composite
action you want in any case. And would a light gage member take the kind of
connection you need for the composite action?

You're right not to feel warm and fuzzy about this!

Kate O'Brien, P.E.
SimiValley, CA