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Re: Loose Cannons Probably Won't Help and May Harm

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>Before you launch off to individually write to NAHB, please take a minute and
>ponder these suggestions. It is quite confusing to a group like NAHB to be hit
>up by single members of SEAOC with divergent thoughts.
>You might avoid getting nowhere and causing more harm to SEAOC than good if

I agree, Fred.

>As an aside, I thought most SEAOC members focus on bigger buildings and other
>structures than homes. Are single family dwellings really the critical subject
>that we want to fill up our email with? It is not that important to me.
Recently, my feelings also, Fred. Some of us do larger and different kind of structures. Some days the messages that I read and feel about are like: Done that, been there (1970's something!)

Neil Moore S.E.