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Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coated Reinforcement

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I would appreciate all views on this issue.

What is the experience of FBE coated reinforcement used in concrete in aggressive environment- high chloride / sulfate exposures?

I believe durable concrete can be obtained by proper materials, mix design, curing, etc. Is there any additional benefit in using FBE coated reinforcement?

Also, I understand that poorly handled and damaged FBE can actually result in faster deterioration of reinforcement. Any comments ? Since coatings contain pinholes, can this cause more problems.

Can the coating debond after say 15 to 20 years? 

A few years ago, a structure in Florida that used FBE reinforcement actually deteriorated much faster. Are there any similar results ? What about highway bridges?

Thanks in advance

Eqbal Kassam