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Re: Tangshen - Response to Frank Lew

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Sorry, I disagree with you, I think there are some people out there, who
want to have the choice of buying a better structurally built house
rather than just bare-bone spec. house, if there is a financial benefit
on doing that.  Once that structural rating is incorporated in the real
estate public record, it shall benefit both buyers and sellers.  The
seller can demand higher price if the rating is higher and the buyers
can always pick the house with bare-bone spec, if cheap prices are their

Christopher Wright wrote:
> >I think we, as engineers, should educate the public on what they are
> >getting by buying a house that conformed to present Codes which only
> >address life-safety
> SEAOC is beating the wrong horse. If you want to address property damge
> talk to insurors and lenders. Put together a solid rationale on how much
> money they stand to lose, and you'll start to see action. The 'public'
> buys on price and they aren't much interested in technical education, but
> they'll come around when insurance rates get affected.
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