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RE: Conventional Construction (WAS: Architects Doing Engineering)

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Dear Bill,

Wish I could put as well as this.  

In relation ot Abode construction.  It is interesting but it was banned in
Italy Rome 2 millenium's ago because of the danger it presents during major
events.  (Got that from one of Grimm's recent papers.)

If you are going to construct adobe house then you should take a leaf out of
chinese book and build model and test on shaking table with 6 degrees of
freedom.  One of our guys who has reutrned from Shanghai says they have a
graveyard of buildings they have tested.

Finally standing beside a smoking hole knowing there are dead bodies inside
is really pleasant; particularly when the call is does the SE thinks its
safe to send people in to find out iffen they is dead or alive.

I am quite happy for people to decide what level of house or building they
want to live in as long as they realize thart with some of these structures
you'll use shovels to get the bodies out.  Or if it's big enough bull dozers
after a few days.

But the US has just plain been lucky so far.  But as my sainted mother God
rest her soul used to say :: There turn will come (with a big intraplate
event).  At that point it will be the structural engineers you really need
and probably the corp of engineers and a big mass graveyard and a
congressional inquiry.  

That's teh problem with being a pessimist, sometimes there just isn't a
bloody glass at all.

One final story I once stood in a church with loose white fluffy asbestos
raining down from the roof ans suggested it need to be repaired.  The Church
community said no.  Very firmly.

All on committee over 40

I said fine but no one under 40 allowed in Church and I wrote out the note
that way.

The Minister asked why

I said cause asbestos tumor's rotten way to die and I not have children's
lives on my concsience.  But that it took 20 -30 yrs to develop so I not
care if the elders of church who made this decision had rotten painfull
lingering death.  The NSW Govenor had died bravely from this illness so it
was easy to point to its affects.

Funny that they voted then to replace the roof.

Afterwards teh Minister said I had done that before.  I just looked at him
and so sort of, but it just how you package the information, always use
children to sell good structural idea to church group works every time.  

John Nichols

At 16:18 26/05/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have truly been enlightened by this thread. Of course, I am disappointed
>in that not only does there not seem a consensus about what changes should
>be made, but that whatever changes would get an overall appeal, they are
>very unlikely because we are not a pro-active group and we have little say
>in what the rules are. I also realize that, by voicing my opinions, no
>matter how loudly or regularly, they will not "change the world".
>Going back to my original post on this topic and the 17 house mini-tract, I
>have not seen the plans but I would guess that the plans would not strictly
>(or even loosely) conform to the Conventional Framing Provisions even as
>they are now written much less the flavor being proposed in the IBC.
>However, I am willing to make a significant wager that the plans will sail
>through the building department with only a modicum of plan check comments.
>I am unwilling to ask my friend for a copy of the plans and do a review for
>the purpose of reporting the person who provided the structural design to
>BORPELS or the State Board of Architects for two reasons: I have done plenty
>of work in my lifetime for free (thank you very much) and the only result I
>can expect is a negative one upon my friend who would surely be "black
>balled" within her target market.
>It would be nice to recognize the business opportunity as I see it here.
>When I did a lot of residential work, I had a difficult time making a decent
>rate because I would spend so much time designing and detailing the lateral
>force resisting system. Even when complete, I would get bashed by the
>contractor for putting in way too many hold downs and straps. I finally gave
>up on residential work. However, after following this thread, it seems that
>I could get away with providing a design in accordance with the Conventional
>Framing Provisions and make big bucks because it would take so much less
>time to design. I'm sure I would be extremely popular with contractors and I
>would quickly have to start turning down work. Unfortunately (or
>fortunately) I cannot do this with a clear conscience since I know that the
>structure I put my stamp on will not "calc out" according to Chapter 16 of
>the UBC.
>I realize that a lot of readers believe residential engineering is beneath
>them, but the work and the construction represents a significant portion of
>structures that people are likely to be in during the next major event. It's
>a shame that more people with clout do not take these structures more
>seriously. I know Frank Lew has lived in 5 residences designed according to
>the Conventional Framing Provisions (more or less?) and it sounds like he
>has no trouble sleeping at night. Myself, I live in a tract house that was
>engineered. Of course, I did "inspections" during construction and my wife
>wants to be in this house during the next major event. As for the rest of
>the people who live in Conventionally Framed houses, well, I have an
>Emergency Rate Sheet in my drawer for such an occasion. Unfortunately, I
>will get little satisfaction saying "Look, Frank, HERE are the bodies!"
>Bill Allen