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Re: Architects Doing Engineering -Enough

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Robert Kazanjy wrote:

> I agreed with your post expect for the your last statement.
> We "could" eliminate automobile fatalities by getting rid of cars.
> We "could" virtually eliminate earthquake deaths by mandating one story
> single family with <5% openings, no irregular floor plans & all interior
> rooms <400sq ft, etc, etc.  No mult-istory, no multi-unit.
> There will always be risk.  The key is that the person assuming the risk
> be aware of it & understand it.
> regards
> Robert Kazanjy

I think my statement was misunderstood. I wanted to point out that ignoring
or underestimating earthquake hazards  because they have caused less
fatalities than traffic accidents or any other potential threat is a

We all agree that its virtually impossible to eliminate hazards but the
difference in opinion seems to on where to draw the line.

Best regards
Sassan Parhizgari, SE