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Re: adios, auf Wiedersehen. au revoir, sayonara

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Wait, Frank, before you go, thanks for your wonderful contributions to the
recent thread.  The second category, of opinions and Jeremiads, has high
value, even if the playing field seems not much tilted by the the weights of
the arguments thrown onto it.  

The entertainment is certainly an important value, but transient.  The the
real value in the clash of opposing fresh ideas, formed by unique experience,
strongly held, well stated and thoughtfully defended, is that it reached to
the rest of us.  The conversation may not move the masses, but it has reached
far further than it would have if you guys had been meeting in a room
someplace and parted unswayed (as might have been the case before we had this
list-server).  It is helping to build understandings of important issues, and
to mold the opinions and values of wide-spread associates -- the results of
the powerful Tangshen conversation (and others to follow) will play out in our

Thanks Frank, fare well (and thanks to Fred, Dennis, Bill and all too!).

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer