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Re: Tangshen - Response to Frank Lew

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Now your grabbing the right end of the stick.  Short of the hindsight of a
total disaster, the industry and interests involved are just too large to
motive any one with foresight and altruism.

Michael Donoghue

Christopher Wright wrote:

> >I think we, as engineers, should educate the public on what they are
> >getting by buying a house that conformed to present Codes which only
> >address life-safety
> SEAOC is beating the wrong horse. If you want to address property damge
> talk to insurors and lenders. Put together a solid rationale on how much
> money they stand to lose, and you'll start to see action. The 'public'
> buys on price and they aren't much interested in technical education, but
> they'll come around when insurance rates get affected.
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