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RE: adios, auf Wiedersehen. au revoir, sayonara

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So what's a "Jeremiad"?

Seriously - I don't know why (certainly I should be happy) but I'll miss
Frank. His stubborn pessimism as to how the system is too big, to powerful,
too politically connected and too abounding to ever change is what ignites
my spark and fires me to incite others.
Frank is a formidable opponent in the ring of debate - admittedly a tower of
facts that both make it difficult to refute and statistically easy to
confuse underlying issues. I believe that Nels Roselund stated it aptly. Our
parrying back and forth does have a redeeming value - it offers intelligent
conversation for others to ponder and even incite some to voice an opinion
or two.
It's not a question of wanting a Mercedes on a Shoestring budget as Frank
suggests. It is working with the resources that we have at hand. We can
debate this, but it boils down to statistics. How many engineers who
volunteer time with their professional affiliations are one person offices
compared to the number of volunteers representing mid-to-large scale
offices. This Listservice has given those of us who wish to use it a
"soapbox" from which to sound off on issues that others may be unaware.
"Soapbox's" are not a bad think in this world. They have been used for
centuries to sell snake oil, debate politics, promote religion and, in our
case, to promote awareness to problems that exist in our profession.
I am not too idealistic to believe that change occurs overnight. Many of us
in Southern California have received our ballots for board officers. This
simple little card means much more to me than it did in the past. I can now
poll each candidate (or email them) for a position on the issues that I am
concerned about. I can eliminate those who are uninformed or uninterested. I
can eliminate those who chose not educate themselves on the new tools
available to better link them to their members. This is a start, and in just
a three years online, represents a monumental improvement in unifying our
community around the world.
As Nels aptly pointed out, the discussions are not simply ignored but are
digested and evaluated by those on the list that choose to do so.
Although the majority of those who read these debates may never respond they
my be likely to cast their ballots. This voting cycle (as with each
professional organization out there) is like the Berlin Wall. Each new
voice, each new conviction removes one stone until some time in the future,
the barriers are removed and change is allowed to occur.

Frank, on a side issue, I have been a guitarist for about 40 years now. My
grandmother left me a 1933 (any significance) Baldwin baby grand piano from
the Chicago's Worlds Fair. Unfortunately, it is very run down, but I have
hopes to have it restored and, as you have found, start to learn to play it.
Music has been another of my passions. Especially in your case, music
attaches itself to the soul and calms the savage beast. I wish you well in
your musical endeavors.

As we discussed privately, the next time you are soaring over the Bermuda
Dunes Airport, I would welcome you to drop in (after a proper landing of
course). We can call a truce and simply enjoy the more benign topics such as
family and interests.

I wish you well, my friend, and hope that you enjoy every minute of your
life and your family.


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> Wait, Frank, before you go, thanks for your wonderful contributions

I would like to echo that thought.  Frank has done a marvelous job of
us grounded in reality,  and providing a valuable and thoughtful/insightful/
resourceful point of view on various and sundry Jeremiads / opinions.   Come
back refreshed from your travels Frank and join back into the good fight,
least as a lurker if you're tired,  and continue to provide reality checks.

Ron Fong
lurker in Fremont,  CA
home of the 10 million cubic yard Mission Peak Landslide