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Re: FW: Conventional Framing Concerns - A response from NAHB

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> From: Jay Crandell [mailto:jcrandell(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 1998 11:12 AM
> Subject: Re: Conventional Framing Concerns - A letter to NAHB
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> Past performance has been scientifically documented in a statistical
> study of conventional construction's performance in the Northridge
> Earthquake and anecdotal from others. ..........
> .......
> We will be doing a reliability study of housing performance in the
> Northridge Earthquake based on our previous statistical study of
> housing construction and performance for U.S. HUD.  .......

> Jay
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Jay please

I have a strong interest in earthquake loss assessments for emergency 
preparedness and response,  and insurance assessment purposes.

We are studying the outcomes from the Northridge earthquake large database 
for single family unit dwelling damage in order to determine damage ratios 
and the prospects of tranforming the information to New Zealand conditions.  
(For interest the Northridge damage ratios appear to be some 2 to 4 times 
those experienced in NZ).  We are also interested in developing damage 
ratios for 'actual damage' vs 'insurance loss' which have obvious 

Hence I would appreciate any information, particularly statistical damage 
information and construction  standards and forms, that you may be able to 
make available.

This reply is put in the SEAOC news group in case there are any others that 
may be able to help me.  I would appreciate it if Jay could contact me 
directly via e-mail to explore prospects please.

Cheers,  Bruce S.

Bruce Shephard, Principal Consultant Seismic Risk
Opus International Consultants, New Zealand
DD Telephone +64 4 4717597,  Fax +64 4 4711397
Email bruce.shephard(--nospam--at)