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Don't go just yet, Frank...

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Frank - I'll miss your participation in the Listserve, so I'm sorry to hear
you are going away. 

One suggestion: Try subscribing to the daily Listserve archives after you get
back home in a month. You will only get five/seven messages a week along with
archive files that you can always trash in a blink. But you can zip thru these
files in far fewer time than daily messages.  Just open the archives in a Word
file, skim the table of contents, then search for key words. You won't even
have to read my messages any more.

I seem to recall a certain other SEAOC participant who vowed to quit, only to
return again to the Listserve. We seem to need a twelve-step program. 

If you are really good and recuperate, I'll let you in on how to join the
better listserve where all the really serious discussions amongst SE's are
taking place.

What really happened, Frank. Has your wife finally retired, too??

Hope you reconsider,