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RE: I Agree with Fred !

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Those buildings are easy and straightforward. How could there possibly be
any discussion on a 5,000 SF steel or concrete building? 20 ft. bays. Braced
bays on each side. Floor beams at 8 ft. o.c. Nelson studs for composite
action. Big deal.

Try some REAL engineering like a custom home in So. Cal. (apparently my
colleagues in No. Cal don't do many custom homes) where no walls stack, all
the exterior is glass, the owner is personally involved and the contractor
doesn't have a clue or desire about how to read plans.

BTW, I'm not sure about Win98 but I agree with you on Outlook98. I wish it
would do tables though. CorelCentral in the WordPerfect Suite 8 will.

Bill Allen

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Fred Turner wrote:

Are single family dwellings really the critical subject that we want to
fill up our email with?  It is not that important to me.

I couldn't have stated it any better.  I firmly believe that there is a
silent majority out there that design buildings in concrete and steel,
... buildings that greatly exceed 5,000 s.f.  Where are they?  After the
past few days, they are probably unsubscribing in droves!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Ice Hockey Fan
Dallas, Texas