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Re: I Agree with Fred !

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>Are single family dwellings really the critical subject that we want to
>fill up our email with?  It is not that important to me.
>I couldn't have stated it any better.  I firmly believe that there is a
>silent majority out there that design buildings in concrete and steel,
>... buildings that greatly exceed 5,000 s.f.  Where are they?  After the
>past few days, they are probably unsubscribing in droves! 
>Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.

I am considering it.  Not only does this have little interest to me it seems that Dennis, in the short time I have been with the listserv. returns to this issue regularly.  Once was interesting, twice boring and now I need to find out how to use the filters of my e-mail program or just resign.