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RE: I Agree with Fred !

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This is your list serve too. If you want to discuss something other than wood framed construction, do it. Whenever you see a post by Dennis Wish (or myself for that matter), hit the "delete" key. You have been participating on this list serve for a while (with several valuable contributions). You know who is doing work similar to yours. Take this list serve in any direction you think is beneficial to you. You are in charge!
Bill Allen
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>Are single family dwellings really the critical subject that we want to
>fill up our email with?  It is not that important to me.
>I couldn't have stated it any better.  I firmly believe that there is a
>silent majority out there that design buildings in concrete and steel,
>... buildings that greatly exceed 5,000 s.f.  Where are they?  After the
>past few days, they are probably unsubscribing in droves! 
>Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.

I am considering it.  Not only does this have little interest to me it seems that Dennis, in the short time I have been with the listserv. returns to this issue regularly.  Once was interesting, twice boring and now I need to find out how to use the filters of my e-mail program or just resign.

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