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RE: Software Upgrades

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WordPerfect Suite8 is under $100 and it includes Netscape Communicator and a
product similar to OL called Corel Central which has integrated e-mail,
address book and calendar. One thing I know Corel Central will do that OL98
will not is allow the user to insert HTML type tables in their e-mail. In
OL98, you have to cut and paste a table from Word into OL.

Bill Allen

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Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 4:19 PM
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Subject: Re: Software Upgrades

You guys work for Bill Gates or what? By the way, Netscape is free also.

Dennis S. Wish wrote:
> Be careful Stan, you may just be launching the second longest thread on
> list when you admit you like Outlook 98 (and I assume Internet Explorer)
> freely distributed by Microsoft. I happen to agree with you, although I
> haven't upgraded past Outlook 98 and IE4.0. I tend to like most things in
> life that are free.
> Dennis
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> Subject: Software Upgrades
> About a month ago, I upgraded to Outlook 98.  This is the best
> integrated email client, schedule, and task manager that I have ever
> used.  The filtering is great, and it handles all of the modern formats.
>  Best of all, it is a free upgrade from Microsoft (freeware, not a
> demo).
> Last week, I upgraded to Windows 98 (Release Candidate #5).  So far, so
> good.  Although this really amounts to little more than a maintenance
> release of Windows 95, it has eliminated all of the glitches that I had
> been living with.  Also, everything is now faster (thanks to priority
> defrag), slicker (lots of new options and utilities), and smaller
> (thanks to FAT32).  Installation was painless!
> I recommend both upgrades.
> Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
> Dallas, Texas