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RE: Shear Wall Tests - Static vs. Dynami

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I just got the Journal today and had only skimmed the conclusions and 
diagrams.  The test procedures were:

Static:  IAW ASTM E 564, except higher test loads were used.

Dynamic:  "The sequential phased displacement (SPD) procedure ... of SEAOSC 
(Shepherd 1996)."

Hope this answers your question.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dennis Wish wrote:

. > How was the test criteria established. Dynamic and Static tests were also
. > done for cold-form steel studs (which relates to the 1997 UBC shearwall
. > values). These tests were done under the test provisions established by
. > SEAOSC (Graham Dick was the chair of this sub-committee). I believe these 
. > to the accepted criteria for testing and would like to know if ASCE's 
. > tests were comparable?
. > Dennis Wish PE
. >