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Re: Construction As-built Drawings

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That is true if the designer is not directly
involved in the construction phase. In my case
the school building project which I  made the
complete plans. I was also commissioned by the
owner to be the construction manager where I
approved all plan changes therefore I should
prepare the as-built plans which I charge as an
extra cost.

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

Tom Chiu wrote:

> In some instance, the client would ask me to
> prepare as-built drawings
> as part of the construction phase.  I would
> prefer the contractor doing
> as-built drawings rather than the designer.
> Why? because, in my
> opinion, whoever does the as-built drawings is
> simply warranting every
> single nut and bolt were installed per details
> and spec.  The contractor
> should be the one warranting that.  In most
> design offices that I worked
> for in the past, the contractor would submit
> as-built drawings for the
> engineer to review.  When the owner insists on
> it, I would call it
> "record set", "construction set" rather than
> as-built.
> Is it standard of practice for engineer to do
> as-built drawings?
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