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Re: Engineering ethics

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Hear! Hear!
Thor Tandy
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Date: Thursday, May 28, 1998 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Engineering ethics

>A regisitered engineer retained to investigate the integrity of a building
>who determines, based on structural deficiencies in violation of applicable
>building standards, that there is an imminent risk of serious injury to the
>occupants thereof, and who is advised by the owner that no disclosure or
>remedial action is intended and that such determinations are to remain
>confidential, has a sworn duty to warn the identifiable occupants, or if
>not feasible, to notify the local building officials or other appropriate
>authority of such determinations."
>The above is a start.  
>First, the architect appears to be no freind of yours.  You appear to be
>possibly hung out to dry.  Although it is a city client, consider
>contacting the city attorney.  (Has worked for me!).   The city building
>department should be notified and the building probably redtagged.  If
>politics gets in the way, this can be a problem.  Usually the building
>department is separate from the city engineering department.
>Second, contact your board of registration - in California, they will
>assist you if there is a license involved.  (They've done this for me).
>Third, notify your E&O people now.  Make sure they know what's going on.  I
>hope that you've got as much as possible documented.  
>I understand that you have notified your client, but has the owner (city)
>been notified?
>Neil Moore, S.E.
>been here before
>At 09:34 PM 5/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>I have a situation on a job where, per the UBC, special inspection was
>>required on the structural roof deck.  The contract was written such
>>that the special inspection for the deck welding was provided by the