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RE: I Agree with Fred !

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I don't often agree with Bill, but on this isssue I do. I don't agree with
Fred on this. 

At 03:47 PM 5/27/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Those buildings are easy and straightforward. How could there possibly be
>any discussion on a 5,000 SF steel or concrete building? 20 ft. bays. Braced
>bays on each side. Floor beams at 8 ft. o.c. Nelson studs for composite
>action. Big deal.
and soooooo boring. The poor plan reviewer that has to look at the same old
details that the engineers cut and paste from one job to the next. Load
path? Hah!

>Try some REAL engineering like a custom home in So. Cal. (apparently my
>colleagues in No. Cal don't do many custom homes) where no walls stack, all
>the exterior is glass, the owner is personally involved and the contractor
>doesn't have a clue or desire about how to read plans.
Square foot for square foot, by far the more difficult to review. Load
path? Huh? A 10,000 s.f. house will normally take 10 times as long to
review as a 10,000 office/retail/educational structure.

Of course in these parts, there isn't much money to be made in SFR's for
engineers. Conventional framing is used for the most part and an engineer
just comes in to analyse the odd beams, girders and columns.

Ted Partrick, PE
Plan Review, Greensboro, NC

>Bill Allen