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RE: trellis wind load

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The method you suggested is fine when determining uplift on the trellis due
to wind normal to the horizontal surface. How about laterally? I generally
design the columns to resist 30% of the weight of the structure (0.3Wd)
which I feel is a conservative approach.
Dennis Wish

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Subject:	trellis wind load

Can anyone suggest the appropriate wind load for a small, 15'x15'x9' tall
open wood trellis? Four cantilever corner posts, 2x6 @ 16" o.c one way, 2x8
@ 16" o.c. the other way, supported on beams between posts. I was thinking
Cq 3.6(open frame tower), Ce 1.06, normal projected area of elevation
profile. I  come up with around 1400# lateral wind load divided by four
Jeff Smith
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