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Re: Shear Wall Tests - Static vs. Dynami

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If you haven't seen the Simpson video on their cyclic tests on plywood
shear walls, I think you will find it most enlightening. After these
tests were performed, Simpson added some interesting notes into their
catalogue which first appeared in the 1997 edition on page 15 titled
"Sources of Deflection at the Shearwall Holdown Connections", and then
was repeated in the 1998 edition. 

When you review any test results it is important to see if the assembly
is being tested or if the variable components are being restrained and
only one component of the assembly is being reported on. When tested as
an assembly, plywood shearwalls have not tested well. 

Refer to ATCR-1 "Cyclic Testing of Narrow Plywood Shear Walls"; and
"Effects of the Northridge Earthquake upon the L.A. Building Code
Pertaining to Wood Frame Shear Walls",by Tim Griffith; and "Effects of
Holdowns and Stud-Frame Systems on the Cyclic Behavior of Shear Walls",
by Simpson Strong Tie. 
Lets see what APA has to say on this subject.      
			Regards,  Jim Adams, S.E.