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Re: Stress-skin panels

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>with an interior foam made of polyurethane (or similar).  Some of the
>more well known manufacturers are Zero-Lock, Metal Span (214)436-7028,
>and Alumashield.  None of the manuals I have show lateral strength
>capacities; however, I personally believe that if attached properly it
>would be substantial.  The manufactuer's should be able to give you
>these capacities.  I have often thought of using them as a diaphragm;
>however, my clients are always making new holes in the sides of their
>buildings.  I typically design a braced metal frame and use the panels
>for exterior skin and ceilings only.
>Brian K. Smith, P.E.

Several years back I worked on stand alone refrigeration "buildings" made by
Bally for use in hospital facilities . The panels are connected using
internal cam locks and the panels and cam locks had been tested by Leheigh
Univ. (sp?), but at that time they did not have an ICBO. Since they were not
for occupancy, OSHPD did not require testing, but we did need to augment the
design for overturning tie downs. You might ask around to see if they are
still in business.

Jeff Smith