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RE: Stress-skin panels

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Strongwell makes an foam core panel with an FRP skin used for this type
of buildings.  See  

They say "DURASHIELD® panels are designed to be used as walls, roofs,
and covers. Typical applications are: 
*Radar, Microwave, Radio and TV Antenna Enclosures 
*Enclosures for Electrical Equipment ..."

Ed Marshall,  PE
Simons Engineering'

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> From:	Dennis S. Wish [SMTP:wish(--nospam--at)]
> Sent:	Friday, May 29, 1998 12:19 AM
> To:	SEAOC Listservice
> Subject:	Stress-skin panels
> An architect presented me with a package from a company in Mexico
> which
> makes a stress-skin panel consisting of 26 gauge zinc plate on each
> side of
> a poly-"foam" (I don't remember the exact materials) filling. There
> are no
> ICBO reports nor any information used to design lateral or wind
> (normal to
> panel) connections. The panels are used for bearing as well as for
> roof
> planking and come in thickness of 4" to 12". The only structural data
> available is the panel span data based upon combined gravity loads.
> The architect is planing to use these system to design a bearing wall
> building on government (BLM) land for an antenna manufacture who will
> use
> the two story structure to house only electronic equipment.
> I tried very hard to talk him out of the panels and promised that I
> would
> search out a comparable product that has more structural information
> and
> ICBO approval.
> The reason for the panel need is that these antenna's are located in
> accessible area's where conventional material are difficult to
> transport.
> If anyone has some leads, please let me know.
> Thank you,
> Dennis Wish PE