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trellis wind load

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I try to assume the worst.  I figure that a trellis with 2 X 6's  and 2 X 
8's at 16 inch centers invites sheathing when the owner realizes that an open 
roof really does not attenuate the sun and heat.  Also, as I commented on in 
a previous post on wind on open structures, *someone* is going to put an 
obstruction near enough to the trellis structure to cause it to be a 
partially enclosed structure.

A number of years ago, an architect asked me to design a canopy structure for 
a car wash.  The canopy had fabric strips placed diagonally on the top and 
fascia for shade.  I told the architect that I would only design it for a 
normal roof and solid fascia as someone is going to do that in the future.  
As a result, he went to someone else.  The fabric was in place about a year 
when they changed to a metal fascia and (I assume) a metal roof.  I have no 
idea if they got a permit for the change or if it was *just done.*

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jeff Smith wrote:

. > Can anyone suggest the appropriate wind load for a small, 15'x15'x9' tall
. > open wood trellis? Four cantilever corner posts, 2x6 @ 16" o.c one way, 
. > 2x8 @ 16" o.c. the other way, supported on beams between posts. I was 
. > thinking Cq 3.6(open frame tower), Ce 1.06, normal projected area of 
. > elevation profile. I come up with around 1400# lateral wind load divided 
. > by four posts. Regards, Jeff Smith
. >