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RE: CA to New Jersey

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What about if you have taken (and passed) the E.I.T., CA PE and CA SE exam
(all first time)?

BTW, In the latest issue of BORPELS's Bulletin, they published the October
1997 examination results. The pass rates are:

E.I.T.				51.9% (70% was passing)
Civil (Principles and Practices)	29.4% (even though you only needed a 60% to
pass 48/80)
Civil (Seismic)			45.9% (even though you only needed a 47% to pass 130/274)
Civil (Survey)			44.4% (even though you only needed a 56% to pass 160/285)
Structural			26.0% (only 84 out of 320 passed in the entire state-no wonder
we make the BIG BUCKS :o) !)

I am kinda surprised at the low pass rates for the EIT and Civil exams. Of
course, based on my interests and experiences, I found the SE to be the
easiest (even though it was 16 hours), then the Civil then the EIT. Doesn't
it sound disappointing that only 29.4% of those taking the Civil Principles
and Practices exam could only get a 60% score?

I believe the pass rate for the CA Bar exam is somewhere around 46%.

IMO, The architectural examinees "cheat" since they can take their exam by

Bill Allen
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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
> So, if you are a LA PE, you have to take some sort of an exam to get a CA
> PE, right? But not vise-versa.

Something about the ground shaking or something, I don't know.....

Actually, if you became a CA PE based on long term experience and have
not had both the 8 hour tests, I believe Louisiana as well as all the
other states will require you to take the EIT and PE exams prior to
granting registration by reciprocity.

Brian K. Smith, P.E.