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RE: CA to New Jersey

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The best thing to do is call the New Jersey state licensing board.  I 
believe the number is (201) 504 6460.  I am not sure what their 
website is but I believe that you can get to it via 
(Professional Publications, Inc).  By calling or getting to their 
website you should be able to get all the information you need 
including an application.

Bruce C. Trobridge
Assistant Building Structural Engineer
NYS Office of General Services

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Sent:  Friday, May 29, 1998 1:35 PM
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Subject:  Re: CA to New Jersey

Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
> So, if you are a LA PE, you have to take some sort of an exam to get 
a CA
> PE, right? But not vise-versa.

Something about the ground shaking or something, I don't know.....

Actually, if you became a CA PE based on long term experience and 
not had both the 8 hour tests, I believe Louisiana as well as all the
other states will require you to take the EIT and PE exams prior to
granting registration by reciprocity.

Brian K. Smith, P.E.