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Re: Engineering ethics

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I agree with Roger.  I had a simular experience several years ago.  After
notifying in writing the architect, the contractor, the owner of my concerns
with the structure and was ignored I sent a letter to the local Building
Official.  The small town in which the project was located lacked desire or
ability to confront the situation.  I wrote to the State Board of Technical
Registration which governs both Architects and Engineers in Arizona and
notified them and that I was withdrawing my seal from the drawings leaving the
project without an Engineer of Record.  That did get their attention.

This seems to be a case making the point of the Engineer of Record being the
special inspector or at least be in control of the inspector.  I personally
will not sign off on any inspection that I do not have control of.  That does
not mean that I won't hire an outside inspector but I want to know that he is
working under my direction and if he does not do his job properly I can fire
him and get someone who will.

One last thing.  What sometimes is lost in the shuffle is that the UBC is NOT
a "code".  When adopted by a City, Town or County it becomes and Ordinance
thus to violate this "code" becomes an offense punishable by law.  It may be a
misdemenor but it is not just a rule that can be ignored -- by any of the
parties involved.  If more contractors and owners were aware of this maybe our
job would be a little easier when it comes to getting inspections and other
workmanship done properly.  

Just about .03 worth

Mel Slaysman