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Re: pt-tensioned slab design

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In a message dated 98-05-24 20:29:58 EDT, you write:

 hello there!
 1. Does any body consider design of post-tensined slab(1-way)
 where Section 1606 Reduction of live load applies.
 note : Design Parameters
        span = 38 ft end span, 36 ft next span and succeding 8 span.
        fc` = 4.0 ksi, fy = 60 ksi, fpu = 270 ksi
        LL = 100 psf.   Tributary Area is 38*100=4000 sq.ft
        storey ht = 2 storey level
 Normally I consider this reduction of live load in design of 
 column(where applies) and design of footing.
 thanks a lot,
 jojo see S.E
No live load reductions allowed for one-way slabs
P.S. These are LONG spans................what are they used for?