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Pile Cap (Interconnected) Tie Beams

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I am looking for additional information on interconnected tie beam 
requirements per the UBC "Individual pile caps and caissons of every 
structure subjected to seismic forces shall be interconnected by ties"

The typical tie beam layouts I have seen followed the column grids with 
tie beams on all four sides of interior columns.  

I have however heard of an engineer who eliminated some of the tie beams 
. Technically all of the pile caps are still interconnected (although 
not on a direct path) For example a square building with 16 columns 
would have 12 perimeter tie beams and 12 interior tiebeams - 4 of the 
interior tie beams could be eliminated and the pile caps would still be 

Is there a good source for background information on the intent of this 
code requirement?