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Re: Steel moment frame connections

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Harris3803(--nospam--at) wrote:
>      Can someone give feedback / recommendations on current state of the art
> moment frame connections. What about experience with proprietary vs. non-
> proprietary ? This would be for a run of the mill two story retail / office in
> seismic zone 4 in a near fault type " B " area.
>      Thanks in advance
>      Tom Harris , SE
>      Thousand Oaks, CA

I recently had the chance to do a cursory review
of the Side Plate system (proprietary), and was
generally impressed.  It looks like it has been
gone over with a fine tooth comb by some well
recognized and well respected researchers and
professionals on the LACOTAP panel.  The Side
Plate people handle the design of the connections
and can help with modeling the frames on the
computer.  They provide a special specification
section for you to incorporate into your specs,
and provide connection details.  The typical
arrangement is for the Side Plate people to
contract directly with the owner rather than as a
sub under you.  The amount of physical testing
that has been done is somewhat limited, but
probably not much less or more than most of the
other creative ideas out there.

Side Plate seems top flight but I have not had
experience with the system past preliminary
design.  We did a prelim design on a 7 story
moment frame, but the actual design is to be done
by design/build team.  Last I heard, the design
build teams were not bidding the Side Plate
system.  The thorough specifications, additional
materials (not so much in the final analysis),
inspections, and fees for use of the system may be
reasons why.

Stan Johnson, PE,  My Jolly Rancher welding system
looks like it won't work.  Field conditions are
quite a bit different than the conditions in the
labs were the initial research was done (tooth
enamel just ain't the same as A572).  :)))