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Re: Pile Cap (Interconnected) Tie Beams

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In a message dated 98-05-30 19:37:00 EDT, you write:

 I have however heard of an engineer who eliminated some of the tie beams 
 . Technically all of the pile caps are still interconnected (although 
 not on a direct path) For example a square building with 16 columns 
 would have 12 perimeter tie beams and 12 interior tiebeams - 4 of the 
 interior tie beams could be eliminated and the pile caps would still be 
 Is there a good source for background information on the intent of this 
 code requirement?
Each pile has to be tied in two directions. yes you can "eliminate" 4 interior
tie beams (the 4 interior columns will be tied the same way as the exterior
corner columns. In addition, you could theoretivally eliminate the 4 exterior
tie beams in the center byas of the perimeter columns. However I do prefer to
have a continuous tie along the perimeter.

Hope this helps
Antonio s. Luisoni
Consulting SE