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Re: Eaglepoint's 2d/3d Analysis software

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In a message dated 98-06-01 11:25:17 EDT, you write:

 I have had some experience with some of their structural software. 
  You may need to be persistent.  They do seem to be slow getting 
 things out.  I have not had experience with their frame programs.

I too have and had experience with some of there structural software.  (Most
of it developed and taken over from ECOM). I am still using their concrete
shear wall lateral analysis program and the concrete column program. Their
concrete slabs, beams, general frames, etc. programs are VERY cumbersome.
For structural steel there is nothing better than RISA2D.
Most of their (Eaglepoint) programs are still in DOS version!!!!! They are
SLOWLY trying to convert to Windows.
Yes they are VERY slow. I did order the same program twice (Footings) and have
not heared from them!!!!!! They are very much interested in "servicing" your
(their) existing (old) programs they call it "updating" for a rather high fee.
As far as I am concerned.....................their PR "stinks"
Just my opinion
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting SE